Solutions for Industrial process

With 40 years experience in pumping liquids with particles or highly viscous, BROQUET pumping solutions are considered as one of the most reliable on the market.

Thousands of pumps installed in various industrial sectors are a guarantee of our knowledge of the complex behaviour of fluids.

Our workmanship in Rheology, Fluid Dynamics, Materials and Mechanical Engineering has enabled us to develop a full range of reliable pumps for any kind of application in the Chemical and Petrochemicals Industries.

Pumps for Chemicals and Petrochemicals

BB-I Pump

Transfer of highly viscous liquids

BF-I Pump

Low viscosity and clear liquids

BX-I Pump

Liquids with evoluting rheology

BH-I Pump

Flow rate up to 500 m3/h

MB-I Pump

Customized implementation