Pumps for thick molasses

Developed for transferring viscous to very viscous fluids, its tooth profile enables exceptional suction power even at the lowest rotation speeds.
Often replaced at present by the X profile on process applications, it was long used for pumping syrups,
greens, hot molasses, etc. It remains very effective in cold to very cold, molasses or syrup loading/unloading operations and is often used on particularly difficult process applications. A version has been developed for pumping solutions that are accidentally very heavily loaded and very fluid or low-granulometry magmas.


  • Cold molasses/syrups
  • Accidentally loaded liquids
  • Very viscous fluids

Flow rate

1 to 250 m3/h

Main benefits

  • High suction power at low speed
  • High tolerance of the presence of crystals
  • Totally reversible in operation
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