Solutions for the Chocolate Industry

Thirty years of experience and a history of working with leading names in chocolate means that a BROQUET pump is the most suitable product.

Its technology fulfills the main requirements when it comes to pumping chocolate: Respect of the raw material and preventing any risk of burning or polluting the chocolate.

Present in output systems from grinding mills, melting facilities or presses, used for draining conches, feeding pouring units or tempering machines, BROQUET pumps have been designed to bring chocolate and candy makers, as well as bakeries, the reliability they need to properly express their know-how.

Pumps for the Chocolate and Confectionaries

BB-CH Pump

Chocolates with solid ingredients

BF-CH Pump

Black, milky or white chocolates

BX-CH Pump

Same as BF-CH but flow rate up to 30 t/h

MB-CH Pump

Flow rate below 1 t/h